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Apricot Garden Hotel Branding. Influential and Delightful

Apricot Garden Hotel Branding-the Story of Creation

Branding is incredibly powerful when it comes to the travel industry. In the hospitality industry it can build your credibility, giving your customers a valid reason to consider you above your rivals. 

The Apricot Garden project is an example of holistic hotel branding and a vital project for its creators, which we are especially proud of.


The very different type of project allowed us to approach the hotel business from a different point of view and with other goals. We started from scratch and build a new image and strategy from the ground up. For the visual part, we selected the colors of the sunset and gave modernity to leave a powerful imprint.

Wall Decorations

Wall Decoration


We have created a meaningful colorful and powerful brand. It serves its purpose and attracts customers loyalty.  



Art director: D. Rafayel
Project Manager: M. Hayk
Illustrator: A. Movses
Designer: D. Rafayel

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