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Thermo-Up-UI/UX Design & Development. Bold, Highly Functional and Stylish

Thermo-Up-the Story of Creation

Certainly, this is the most advanced, powerful and stylish website we have designed ever. In particular, it has great design and fast responsiveness. For example, you can navigate the TU site up to 60% faster than any other similar website. In the meantime, the website has also 40% more interactive components than other sites. In other words, we can do magic.

Overall, the collaboration of emotions, letters and colors design the magic. For instance, the gradient color combination present the information in a memorable fashion. To put it another way, they drive the attention of the user to where it should be. In addition, the black background creates simple and calming atmosphere. However, it is also rich and intriguing. Besides the outstanding user interface, the website functions on high level in terms of user experience. Naturally, the website can be used without any difficulties because everything on it has its purpose.

As a result, we have incredible performance, great design and fast responsiveness. Firstly we have done all that is needed to have an outstanding. Secondly, it looks fantastic and super contemporary. Finally, all you need is full speed ahead!

Art director: D. Rafayel
Project Manager: M. Hayk
Designer: N. Mariam

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